Bedroom Furniture Designs to Love

We spend so much of our time in our beds. Not only just at night. Our beds are our fortresses during play time with our kids, our comfort and quarantine zones when we’re under the weather, our lounge chairs for reading time before a nap, and our design studio for choosing that perfect Saturday night outfit, our bedroom furniture designs are perfect and will fulfil your dream.

Your bedroom is your escape.  Your escape from the fast pace of life, to relax and have quiet moments to yourself.  Van Niekerk Furniture is there to make this dream of quiet time a reality. 

We pride ourselves in our beautiful collections of quality ready made and handmade bedroom furniture sets to suit all tastes and budgets. 

Feel like royalty with furniture for all your bedrooms from Van Niekerk Furniture and Staircases

See our exclusive range of beds and matching bedside tables and other accessories to choose from. Make all your bedrooms just the way you want them.

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