FIREPLACES and mantles

Nothing makes a house a home like warmth and relaxation.  We at Van Niekerk Furniture believe in providing innovative ideas and solutions for your fireplaces dreams and needs.  We can get your fireplace just the way you want it.  If high quality long lasting fireplace and tools and accessories is what you have been looking for, then Van Niekerk Furniture is just the right choice for you no matter what your budget.  We always strive to focus on competitive pricing so you get the best possible experience.  Van Niekerk Furniture range incorporates both historic and contemporary designs.  We will make an appointment to see the area for ourselves and then design according to your needs and specifications.  If you require it we can custom build to match your specific requirements.  You may want to copy an existing fireplace or have something made to suit a particular space.  We use a variety of materials, such as wood, stone, slate and marble. 

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