The History behind Tree Houses:

Tree house life has largely been a fantasy Story, its details woven into books such as “The Swiss Family Robinson” and “Peter Pan.” But they actually have a long and rich history in the real world. Tree House’s can be traced back to the people of the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, who lived in trees to provide secure homes for their families. They came and went via thatched baskets that were raised and lowered down the tree trunk. In the Middle Ages, Fransiscan monks used very basic tree-rooms to meditate, and Hindu monks also lived in tree houses to free themselves from earthbound considerations.

Here in South Africa a Tree House is mostly a prefabricated  wood and timber structure which is designed and erected in the garden backyard in a large tree. Tree Houses main are for Kids play area but these days Tree House have become popular to live in and some great designs can be developed for the more adventurous at heart.

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